A Parody Too Similar To The Original

Slumber Party Massacre is a satire of a horror film. The film was directed by Amy Holden Jones, one of the few female directors to delve into the exploitation genre, and written by feminist Rita Mae Brown. The killer has no mystery to him. Almost as if he epitomizes the male gender as a whole. Other than the creepy neighbor and small excerpt of Trish’s father all of the male figures are continually acting as the camera’s view of the male gaze.

Emanuela Betti on her website bitchmedia summarized the film well by saying, ” Slumber Party Massacre was written to be a mock parody of exploitation movies, as well as a satire of masculinity in the slasher genre.”  Jones deconstructs the prevailing sexism and masculinity in the slasher genre. Yet, at the same time, to the naked eye you would not see major differences in comparison to films like other 80’s slasher films like Nightmare On Elm Street and Scream. Nudity, preying on innocence and passive victims. Yet, the new girl Valerie is the hero because she has the strength to castrate the killer with her own sexual weapon of a machete across his drill. Interesting enough, she is also a female gazer with the Playgirl magazine. Connoting that strength is in the ability to gaze on others.



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